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Why I'm fundraising for St.Michaels Hospice

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

On select dates in October, I will be running charity days & donating all income from services, to St Michael's Hospice. And here's why...

In 2009 my dad passed away from lung cancer. He was a non-smoker, fit, healthy, active and always positive! My dad was a keen supporter in all I did & we were always up to something fun & exciting.

When Dad was ill, I was training at a performing arts college in Essex, where I was about to graduate. This is a stressful time for students at the best of times, and here I was trying to be top of my game whilst having to come to terms with knowing my father wouldn't be with us for much longer. It was a whirlwind time.

St.Michaels looked after him & kept him comfortable. When he gained his angel wings, they continued to support us as a family.

Many people have been affected by cancer. There are so many amazing people out there living with illness or supporting and giving their time to make it all just that little bit more bearable. 

I love what I do & am excited to be offering these charity days, where all income will go to St.Michael's Hospice. Please use the contact form to book in.

If you would like to make your own donation you can do so on my JustGiving page, using the link below.

Thank you for reading, Jane x

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